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A first-rate Parisian steak restaurant in the heart of London

Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote - Steakhouse Review

L’Entrecôte is one of my favourite destinations when I have time for a slightly extended lunch break. It offers a decent steak experience and a nice atmosphere at a reasonable price.

The beauty of L’Entrecôte is that they don’t offer a menu. Instead, you get a delicious salad, a nicely cooked steak and a choice of deserts and of course wines. After arriving to your table and ordering drinks you are asked how you would like your steak to be cooked. If you are a seasoned steak lover it might be frustrating to hear that they don’t do medium-rare. They only serve well-done, medium, rare and blue. Here is the key to L’Entrecôte steak; medium is medium, rare is medium-rare, blue is rare. Sorted !

As you order your steak, your choice is written on the paper tablecloth with large letters and you can’t stop yourself thinking of Wagamama.

Next, you are served salad as the starter. It is always the same salad and I always find it delicious. Salad is simply made up of lettuce and walnuts with a mustard vinaigrette (try a combination of white wine vinegar, mustard and mayonnaise if you would like to do something similar at home). As it is a starter your steak is not served until your finish your salad.

Steak is served as 6-7 slices with generous amount of chips next to it. Then you get a spoonful of L’Entrecôte’s top secret steak sauce – more about this later. As you finish your steak, and just when you think “Was this not a bit on the small side” another portion of steak arrives and you plate is topped up with lots of chips again unless you ask otherwise. And yes, another generous spoonful of green sauce. An elegant way of keeping the steak warm, it also turns out to be a nice surprise for the first timers.

I usually find cooking of the steak consistent and although I mostly eat medium-rare L’Entrecôte’s blue is definitely cooked to perfection and highly recommended.

Back to the steak sauce; it is a shame that L’Entrecôte chooses to keep it as a secret although I don’t think people go there for the sauce. Their atmosphere, concept and quality steaks would attract the same amount of customers anyhow. It seems to be a butter based sauce with hints of several herbs and anchovies. If you search for, there are number of attempts to replicate it although I haven’t tried them at home.

Be prepared to wait for 15-20 minutes if you are arriving at 12:30 on a Friday as they don’t accept reservations. Half an hour later or earlier make things easier especially you are short on time.

L’Entrecôte is highly recommended for a nice, Parisian lunch.

Great for – a business lunch, a treat with colleagues

Top tip – avoid saying “is this all” when your steak is served

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