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“US steak at its best”

Goodman Steakhouse (City) London

Goodman aims to offer the best steak cuts and their insistence on perfection results in an extraordinary experience for steak enthusiasts. They are one of the very few restaurants which offer the US originated beef in London although they serve Scottish and Irish varieties as well.

If you check their menu online and get excited about all sorts of different cuts of imported steaks, more will be waiting for you on your arrival! The per-100gr pricing on the menu is there to give you an indication and – naturally – it does not mean you can just go there and order 400gr of rib-eye and someone finds and cuts that for you. Instead, they cut the meat daily and cuts and weights available are listed on the boards in the restaurant.

Another surprise you find on the boards, which is not mentioned on the menu, is the 60-days aged US cuts. Goodman matures steaks in the restaurant at a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Depending where you sit in the restaurant, you can see through a glass window where they hang the meats – if you can’t find it, ask a member of staff. The meat hanging for 60 days in a dehumidified environment loses up to 50% of the weight and flavour doubles! While the web page mentions that losing half of the weight does not make much business sense, these cuts are almost exactly twice the price of the ones which matured less.

Goodman’s City branch has an elegant decoration which reminds that you are right in the middle of the banking district. Black and white photographs on the walls complement the classy atmosphere. After arriving to your table and ordering your drinks be prepared to spend some time trying to decide what to order as every option sounds equally exciting. Porterhouse, t-bone, bone-in rib-eye and even Wagyu!  Once again, availability changes daily however it is guaranteed that you will come across some amazing cuts on every visit. I find Goodman staff friendly yet professional and knowledgeable about the steaks. If you feel a bit lost between geographies, cuts and weights feel free to ask for help.

Goodman cooks the steaks in special charcoal ovens at a constant 375-400C. Just the right temperature to cook marvellous steaks if you recall my reference to high heat on “The Perfect Steak” recipes.

If it is your first time trying US beef, or first time in Goodman, I highly recommend going for one of the 60-days aged rib-eyes. I already told you they are pricey but it is well worth it.

Last time I was in Goodman I tried a 60-days aged, USDA bone-in rib-eye. It was perfectly cooked and had been standing sufficiently long. Flavours were just beyond imagination and the steak was so tender that it was melting in the mouth. If you are a steak enthusiast this is definitely an experience you cannot afford to miss. Top quality.

I went for Spinach Creamed with Gruyere Cheese as side. Again, highly recommended, I find the iron flavour from the spinach and earthy smell of the cheese complement the steak perfectly and it was not overpowering.

Goodman. One of the best steakhouses in London. Highly recommended.

Great for – a formal business lunch or a treat with another steak lover.

Top tip – consider sharing a 650+ gram 60-days aged steak between two.

Try this – Pan Fried Foie Gras, Fig and Port Jam.

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