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“carnivore’s heaven”

hawksmoor steakhouse review

Hawksmoor offers everything a steak lover can ask, steak for lunch, steak for dinner, steak for breakfast – yes, your favourite cut with eggs and hash brown, steak for private dining, wine club to match the best steak, steak club and of course a steak book.

Guildhall restaurant is in a basement which you arrive going through two receptions at each you are welcomed by friendly members of the staff. Decoration of the large main dining area is elegant, but simple reminding that you are there for one simple reason, to eat steak. If you still have some doubt, 90% male clientele confirms that you are actually arriving to a large steak club.

Upon arrival to the restaurant last week, we were presented with the lunch menu which was also available on the web page. Although we were asked if it was our first time at Hawksmoor, we’d given no information about the meat or wines other than weights of the available cuts. As always, daily cuts – which were available on per-100g prices – were much more attractive than usual pieces of standard cuts. As the cuts-of-the-day wasn’t written anywhere, we found ourselves asking over and over again while trying to decide. Cuts, as clearly mentioned on the menu, were quite sizeable. Bone-in Prime Rib was only available at 750g and 900g while Chateaubriand was starting from 900g. Not really manageable for many unless you have a friend who is willing to share the same cut.

The medium Bone-in Prime Rib was cooked perfectly. It was tender, juicy and full of flavours. I must admit it was one of the best steaks I had in London over the past few years. Both side dishes I ordered, creamed spinach and roast field mushrooms, were delicious.

Hawksmoor does not distract your divine steak experience with “unnecessary” details like serving bread and butter or talking about food. This can be an advantage if you are short on time, just looking for a fantastic steak and nothing else. It can be frustrating though if you go there expecting a slightly-finer dining experience.

That’s pretty much all about Hawksmoor, just perfect steak. I will definitely go again. Highly recommended!

Great for – a proper steak action with mates or colleagues.

Top tip – don’t ask the cuts for lobsters.

Try this – a medium cooked bone-in prime rib.

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